I’m starting a magazine

Hi readers, I have some exciting news. I took a huge leap of faith creating  Double-Take Magazine, and now I’m looking for people to work with me! If you're a writer or editor or artist who sees what no one else does, I’d love to work with you. A link is included below. Hit “apply now.” … Continue reading I’m starting a magazine


Should you journal?

I have always been impressed by folks who organize their life through a lovely little device called bullet journals. These journals require dedication and patience and enhance the mind and body connection that I often crave. However, as a busy student, it boggles my mind that journaling has become so popular in Gen-Z and beyond. … Continue reading Should you journal?

Salinger’s Greatest Character (it’s not Holden Caulfield)

When you think of J.D Salinger, chances are his coming of age read ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ comes to mind. And why wouldn’t it? It’s the Classic novel of the American Fifties. It defined a culture of restlessness, loneliness, and struggles for and against the loss of innocence. When I first read it in … Continue reading Salinger’s Greatest Character (it’s not Holden Caulfield)