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In Which The Computer Programmer Contemplates Love: Pretty Owl Poetry (pg 23)

Hoop (Lucid) Dreams: The Fanzine

Things I Take: Ghost City Review

The Plantation Worker’s Daughter: Honey and Lime Lit

Aviator: Honey and Lime Lit

I have scarred the moon: Mojave Heart Review

Dip: Clover and White

Helen: Cosmonauts Avenue

Deep Fried Butter: Jellyfish Review

Toes: Pink Things Mag 

Rambunctious: The Hart House Review (print)

Mia: Dog’s Breakfast Magazine 

Why You’re Late: Toronto Public Library   (page 38)



What hating horoscopes says about Western cultural values: Adolescent Content

While Notre Dame Burned, A reflection on internalized colonialism: The Varsity

The Piping Hot Tea of Culture: The Aerogram

The Place of Pastiche in an Intercultural Environment: The Strand

What Raveena is Doing for Queer Women of Colour: Guided Mag

What The 1975 Gets Right About Literally Everything: Guided Mag

The Allegedly Fake Attack on Jussie Smollett & How He Shouldn’t Become the Standard for Hate Crimes: Lune Magazine



The Complicated Existence of Bedroom Pop: Guided Mag

The Reinvention of Brockhampton: Haloscope Magazine

How Kevin Abstract taught us empathy (and more) with a treadmill: Adolescent Content



My Guyanese Mom Taught Me Period Protocol at a Young Age: Spicy Zine

Getting Readings Over With: CampusU

Being a Commuter in An On-Campus World: CampusU

The Niche of Trauma in BAME Literature: Risen Zine



How to Let Other People’s Accomplishments Overshadow Your Own: Haloscope Magazine

Depersonalization through characterization: the realization of anxious writing: Adolescent Content

My Duty To My Parents Made Me Ignore My Mental Health, But Here’s How I Broke The Cycle: Bustle

Finding The World Within: The Rumpus

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Flowering: Uniquely Aligned

Glove on A Wine Bottle: Defiant Movement